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This is cherry blossom date in 2015. The cherry blossom can be unpredictable at times and no one knows when flower blooms in this year. Please just refer it before you make itinerary.  For example, it can arrive a few days earlier or later, in which case you might not catch it at it’s bloom peak. It’s very tricky to time because the blossoms literally will bloom and then suddenly disappear in just two days.



Every April, a Cherry Blossom Festival is held in various locations across Seoul.
The Cherry Blossom Path in Namsan Park is the longest avenue of cherry trees anywhere in the city and is spectacular in full bloom.
The festival features many events including a cherry blossom lighting ceremony, walking tours and street performances.

Jamsil(Lotte World)

Seokchon Lake is the lake that surrounds the famous amusement park, Lotte World. It is also famous for the Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival which is an annual event that takes place during early to mid April where you can see cherry blossoms covering the whole walking path.


You can also find Yoshino cherry trees at Ttukseom Seoul Forest, but the interesting plants, flowers and insects that can be found in this park are the biggest draw here. The butterfly garden in particular is a must-see.



cherryblossom_yeouideo park_compyright_001

The annual Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival celebrates the full blossoms of spring in the backdrop of the Han River at Yeouideo. When Seoulites think of spring flowers, they think of cherry blossoms, and when they think of cherry blossoms, they think endearingly of this annual festival at Yeouido Park. More than 1,600 yedonsis (Yoshino cherry) trees of Jeju origin will bloom along the Han River basked in spring frangrances, in addition to nearly 90,000 flowers including azaleas, forsythias and spireas.



National Cemetary (or Hyeon chung won) holds various kinds of festivals every April to celebrate cherry blossoms. During the festival, Hyeon chung opens until 9pm. 

Gyeonggi province

Yongin (Everland)

cherryblossom_ever land_copyright_001

From March to April, Everland holds the Tulip Festival. In addition to Everland’s tulip and rose gardens, the whole park will be decorated with cherry blossoms, azaleas, forsythias, camellias, and freesias. Guests will also be able to enjoy events such as parades and performances. At night, the flowers will be illuminated with colorful lighting displays.

Gwacheon (Seoul Land)

cherryblossom_seoul land_copyright_001

In spring, Seoul Land transforms into a stunning landscape adorned with cherry blossoms, tulips, azaleas, and canola flowers with Cheonggyesan Mountain sitting serenely in the background. The amusement park area, especially the 4 kilometer Cherry Blossom Road connecting Seoul Grand Park Station with Cheonggyesan Mountain as well as the road leading to the entrance of Seoul Land becomes an extraordinary site for spring flowers. At night, special lighting fixtures highlight the flowers, creating a spectacular sight.

Chuncheon (Nami island)

cherryblossom_nami island_copyright_001

Nami Island is a tiny island in Chuncheon, Korea that attracts lovers and families to stroll along the tree lined paths and enjoy a tiny taste of nature outside the city. Nami island is also famous for filming a well-known scene of a famous Korean drama called Winter Sonata. When you go Nami island in April, you can enjoy cherry blossoms trees.

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