Are you ready to be mesmerized by the Winter and Spring season in Jeju? Talking about Jeju’s famous tourist spots, Camellia Hill is not a place to be missed!

Camellia Hill, also known as Camellia arboretum, is a collection of Camellia trees. The Jeju Camellia Hill is a place where you can take wonderful, sentimental photos 🙂


Flowers of Camellia Hill

The Jeju Camellia Hill is the biggest Camellia arboretum in the East Asia, which is as big as 60,000 square meters.

You can see a forest of 6,000 Camellia trees of 500 different species, imported from 80 different countries.

Operating Hours
Winter Season (Dec, Jan, Feb)

In-between Seasons (Mar-May, Sep-Nov)

Summer Season (Jun, Jul, Aug)

Entrance Fee
Adults:  8,000won
Adolescents : 6,000won
Children  :5,000won

 ➡ You can book a discount ticket at Jeju Camellia Hill Discount Ticket.


The flower language for Camellia is “I love you and only you.” Won’t you be excited to wander in a world of this romantic flower? ????
The panel depicts the different species of Camellia. Before the visit, we never knew the Camellia flower had so many colors and shapes!

The map was the first thing that greeted us when we entered the arboretum. Just looking at the map alone tells us how big the place is. Be prepared for a day of exercise, while walking through the Arboretum!

Different species of Camellia were placed separately in different courses, so you literally need to walk from one end to the other to see all the different Camellia.

Sadly, most of the flowers have wilted because of the change in seasons.
Thankfully, the place still had other beautiful flowers for us to admire ????

Photo Zones

While visiting eat different sites, you will be able to find directional arrows to direct you to the recommended photo zones~
Even though there weren’t many flowers, the place is still stunning, as though you are in a forest village! ????
As you walk, you will be able to see small quotes on the ground. For instance, this quote says: “Wouldn’t it be great to have a walk with someone you love here?”
Even the bench is shaped like Jeju’s famous stone grandpas (Dol hareubang)!
Isn’t it cute?

If you are interested in taking beautiful (and Instagram-worthy) photos, Camellia is the place to visit with many beautiful photo spots such as the picture above!

If you are interested to know how much of the Arboterium you have covered, look out for the directional signs on the ground. These signs will tells you how much distance you have covered. From here, you can see a glass conservatory and a light bulb forest path.


Glass Conservatory

Due to the seasonal change, there were more leaves than flowers outdoors. However, once you enter the glass conservatory, you will be able to see a flower paradise ~! There are flowers to see, despite the seasonal change.

Beautiful and bright flowers always have a way to warm your heart up, don’t they?

Camellia is known to have 6 scented species of Camellia among total 8 species. Take a sniff in this glass conservatory and you’ll be mesmerized by the scent of Camellia.

Also, color and shape are different depending on the species so you can see different scenes for every season!

On the website, there are pictures for each season, so please check them out before going!


Light Bulb Forest Path

Finally, after walking for a little while, you will reach the light bulb forest path ♡

This is one of our favorite spots at Camellia Hill. The light bulb path was so beautiful! It was not easy to find a quiet place without people to take photos but we did! ????

Overall, the place is perfect for taking photos, regardless where you walked to ^^

In fact, you may just get the best photos for the year at Camellia Hill, with the bonus of the soft Spring breeze.

We recommend you to visit the arboretum by car. Camellia Hill is located in Andeok-Myeon, which is much more accessible by car then bus.


💡  Recommended Period of Visit 

Camellia flower is in its most beautiful state between November and beginning of March. (The photos in this post are from End of March >.< )


Camellia Hill
166 Byeong-ak-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seoguipo-shi
Contact Info. +82-064-792-0088(Korean only)

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