Here’s a special experience in the middle of nature:

Daheeyeon Garden (다희연) is a major tea farm in Jeju Island. It is located in eastern Jeju, a region with the best conditions for growing great tea in a natural environment.

The Zipline here is an absolute Must-Do. You can feel like flying in the sky, with the gentle breeze blowing your mind.

Da Hee Yeon is not only a major tea farm, but also an Herb-themed Complex Park. Apart from the Green Tea Farm, you can also spend time in Cave Café, Tea Museum, Zip Line, Cart Tour and even foot bath.

If you booked in advance, you can easily redeem paper tickets by showing your coupon. You don’t have to line up at the ticket office.

Opening Hours
Spring/Fall : 09:00am – 06:00pm
Winter : 09:00am – 05:30pm
Summer : 09:00am – 06:30pm
* Last admission : 1 hour before closing

Entrance Free
Adult: ₩5,000
Youth: ₩3,000
Kids(under 10): Free

Green tea foot bath: ₩12,000
Cart tour (for 4 people): ₩20,000
Zipline: ₩28,000


At the entrance, you can see several activities. Choose your own way of enjoying Da Hee Yeon!

Tea Museum

Tea Museum has various enjoyable exhibits. On the first floor, there is a foot bath experience that you might want to try.

The first floor of the museum will show you how to use tea to cure and relieve diseases. You can also visit the souvenir shop here.

Inside the souvenir shop, you can find various kinds of souvenirs related to green tea and Jeju Island!

The tea ceremony academy and the audiovisual room are located on the second floor. On the third floor, you will find the green tea restaurant!

Cute pictures were displayed on the walls.


Zip Line

This is the scenery from the second floor! Here is where you can try the Zip Line.

You should go out through this door to try the Zip Line… to ZIP LINE JEJU!

After listening to the Zip Line instructions and safety guidelines, you can keep your bags and stuff in the lockers on the left side.

You can ride the Zip Line with your phone, but it’s totally your responsibility to keep it safe. Also, bringing a tripod is not allowed~

Also, signing the Confirmation Document on Safety is necessary to try the Zip Line!

After signing the document, proceed to put on your helmet and safety pads with instructions!

If you go alone, it might be a bit awkward and nervous. We totally recommend going with friends and family!

As soon as you put the safety pads on, you will move to Zip Line Course 1. The stairway there seems neverending^^….

After the flights of staircases, you will finally reach the top! The Da Hee Yeon Zip Line consists of 4 courses; as the number gets bigger, the course gets more dynamic and thrilling.

Course 1 is “Cedar Tree Forest”! You can fly over the cedar tree while enjoying the scenery of Mt. Hallasan.

Course 2 is “Across The Green Tea” !!
You can fly across the vast green tea farm. This course might be a little more scary than Course 1, so brace yourselves 🙂

If you go alone, you won’t be able to take the picture of yourself on the Zip Line. But, you can still take beautiful pictures of the green tea farm spread below your feet~

Course 3 is “Over the Pond,” and the fourth and last “Ocean” Course follows up for an even better experience at Da Hee Yeon.

This is the video of someone who tried Zip Line alone. You can ask someone else to take this kind of video for you 🙂

The scenery from the Zip Line is beyond words! And also full of thrill!


Cave Cafe

After finishing the Zip Line, you can go to the famous Cave Café of Da Hee Yeon!

Cave Café must be cool all the time, even during summer 🙂

Isn’t it amazing?
The menu served is similar to that of other cafes, but the space itself is absolutely extraordinary!

You can hang this heart-shaped souvenir at the entrance of the cave.

Along with the Zip Line, there is so much more to experience at Da Hee Yeon!

Feel the thrill and action and green tea related activities at Da Hee Yeon 😀

Da Hee Yeon Zip Line
Location – 600 Seonheul-ri, Jochon-eup, Cheju, Jeju-do
Contact – +82-64-782-0005


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