I went to a 💡 K-pop dance class previously. I’ve never learned the dance before, so I was a little worried. We learned part of EXID’s ‘Hot Pink’ choreography!!! (Love the song!) After 90 minutes of K-pop dance class, I found myself dancing to the music 😀 It was really funny and entertaining to learn the dance with my friends:)

If you wake up and sleep just thinking about K-pop or dreaming about becoming an idol someday, I would like to recommend this one-day dance class for you when you get to visit Korea~ You will definitely like it!

If you didn’t know, EXID is a 5 member group from Banana Culture that is called a reversal group from being a nugu (unknown) to fancam superstars and now they are one of the most popular girl group in Korea. Their hit songs are Up and Down, Ah Yeah, Hot Pink and they recently released “DDD” that is enjoyed by Koreans and international fans.

Photo Credit: Banana Culture
Photo Credit: Hanfornow


How to get to the Dance Studio

1. From Hongik University Station (Line 2) Exit 1, walk straight for around 1 minute(100m)
See Seoul Subway Map

2. Cross the street and turn right and go straight for 4minutes (400m).

3. You will see the ‘AMANTI SEOUL’ hotel on your left.  At the AMANTI hotel, turn left and go straight for 100m.

4. Cross the street when you see ‘Tous Les Jours’ Bakery and go straight for 50m. You will find the “Real K-pop” banner on your right.


In the K-pop Dance Class

We changed our shoes for the class and started to follow teacher’s moves. At the beginning, we did warm–up exercises with fun music for 10 minutes. Then began to learn the choreography of EXID’s hit track Hot Pink. Personally, it was difficult so I couldn’t follow the teacher. Seeing my moves, the teacher came to me and taught the dance repeatedly. After a couple of times, I could finish all parts of the dance. So I was really happy:D

Here’s how the studio looks like~


Dance start!


 Here is the fitting room for you to change your clothes.


Do you see our dance teacher with a celebrity!~ She was really sweet!! >_< Learn your favorite moves at k-pop dance class!


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