💡 A smartphone with internet access is one of the most important things a traveler needs. For those of you nodding your heads, what should be the first thing you need to do when you arrive at Incheon International Airport?

➡ “Getting a simcard! (or WiFi router)!”

There are quite a number of free WiFi hotspots in Korea, but many times the connection isn’t so stable. Also, isn’t it troublesome to ask for the WiFi password at every place you go?
Most importantly, personal information (such as your credit card info) may get stolen on public WiFi.

So, let’s check it out the best deal for SIM cards and WiFi routers in Korea.

1. Unlimited LTE Data Sim Card (Data Only)

Unlimited SIM cards are highly recommended to travelers who only use messengers or basic applications such as Facebook, Google Map, etc.
There are 3 major telecom companies in Korea: KT, SKT, and LG. We recommend “KT Telecom” because it offers wide data coverage in Korea.

Even if you plan to arrive at the airport really late at night or early in the morning, worry not! The KT telecom booth operates 24/7 at Incheon Int’l Airport.
Also, they have the precise size of SIM cards for each different phone type (nano, micro etc), and the price is same for all sizes.

1) Where can I pick up my SIM Card?

▶ Incheon Int’l Airport: KT Booth at the arrival hall near Gate 10 (06:00-22:00) or Gate 6 (24/7)
▶ Seoul: Office near Hongik University Station Exit 2.

 💡 Tip: If you arrive at Gimpo Airport, Gimhae Airport (Busan) or Jeju Airport , please check the opening hours here

2) Price 

There are 3 types of Unlimited SIM cards: 5 days, 10 days, and 30 days. You can use unlimited data (speed 5Mbps) before the expiry date. Not that data usage time starts to count off right after you redeem your SIM card at the ticket booth, NOT from the time you actually start using the data. Because date extension is not available, you need to buy an additional SIM card if you want to use it for more days. 

 💡  Tip :  BOOK ONLINE (SIM card) to save time and money! If you book online now, you can get a 10% discount. Even better, you don’t have to waste your time filling in paperwork at the pickup venue. If you choose airport pickup, the telecom company staff will install the SIM card on your device & activate it for you!

Unlimited SIM card – Offline vs Online

Type Airport Venue Online (Funtastic Korea)
5 Days(24 hours x 5) ₩27,500 ₩24,750 (10% OFF)
10 Days(24 hours x 10) ₩38,500 ₩34,650 (10% OFF) 
30 Days(24 hours x 30) ₩71,500 ₩64,350 (10% OFF)


3) Things to note

(1) If you have used a Korean SIM Card before on your phone, we need additional information to ensure that our SIM card will work. Please dial *#06# on your phone, and a chain of numbers will show up. Have this number ready when you book.
(2) In order to use the SIM card, your phone must be unlocked. Call your mobile service provider and ask them to unlock your phone 🙂
(3) Make your mobile device has a SIM card slot and also works on the same frequencies in 3G and/or 4G.
(4) You need your passport (or photo identification) to collect your SIM card! 

(5) You do NOT need to return the SIM card after use. 


2. Prepaid SIM Card (Call & SMS)

If you want not only data, but also phone call or SMS, you need to buy the “4G LTE Prepaid” SIM card.

Just like in other countries, you can easily purchase this kind of SIM card from many convenience stores. The quality and coverage of the KT (Korea Telecom) 4G LTE network are second to none in the world.

Whereas the speed of the previously mentioned Unlimited Data SIM card is always limited to 5 Mbps, this Prepaid SIM card offers up to 100 Mbps – virtually unlimited speed compared to the other kind. Better yet, the KT 4G LTE network covers 99.9% of the entire region in South Korea.

Here are the main features of the Prepaid SIM card powered by the 4G LTE network:

  • Overseas text messaging and voice call always available anywhere in Korea
  • Completely use the pre-charged credit with a combined deduction of voice calls, text messages, and data/Internet
  • Lowest rate available (received calls and messages are free of charge)
  • Get your own number starting with “010,” the area code for mobile phones in Korea
  • Low price with NO safety deposit


1) Where can I get the Prepaid SIM card? (Incheon airport)

If you already booked the discounted Prepaid SIM card from FunKo, you can easily pick up your SIM card from the Incheon Airport “Book Store,” located in front of 1F Gate 7.

The Book Store operates from 08:00am to 08:00pm, so please consider your arrival time before booking your SIM card.


If you chose “Gimpo Airport” as your pickup point, you need to go to the “Baggage Deposit Packing Place” at the arrival floor. (06:30am – 07:50pm)

Separate from purchase, you can activate the SIM card by yourself whenever you want. As written in the description manual, all you need to do is input simple information to register. Usually, it will be activated within 15 minutes.

If you have difficulties with installing at Incheon Airport, you can ask for assistance from the staff in a red shirt at the CU Convenience Store in front of Gate 10 of the arrival floor. Here you can get help everyday, 08:00am to 08:00pm.


2) Price

There are two kinds of Prepaid SIM cards, both of which are valid for 30 days. The prepaid SIM card has ₩20,000 or ₩40,000 worth of credit charged in advance, so when you use data, voice call, or text, balance will be deducted.
(Data: ₩20 /mb, SMS: ₩20 /sent, Voice Calls : Korea: ₩3.3 /sec, US : ₩1.1 /sec, China : ₩1 /sec)

Type Credit Balance Price (Discount 10% OFF)
1GB ₩ 20,000 ₩ 34,900 (₩ 31,000)
2GB ₩ 40,000 ₩ 49,900 (₩ 44,000)

💡  Tip! Get 10% discount for Prepaid SIM card by booking online

If you run out of credit, you can top-up the credit at any convenience store (GS25, CU or Seven-Eleven) in Korea. The recharge is real-time guaranteed.

In addition, if you forgot to book the SIM card online, you can still purchase one at Incheon Airport CU convenience store. In this case, you won’t be able to get the 10% discount (which is only available online). But you can still get your SIM card at any of the 3 CU’s, each located at Gate 5, 10, and 13 on Incheon Airport 1F.


3. All-in-one Unlimited SIM card (Data, Call & SMS)

This All-in-one unlimited SIM card is nicknamed the “Working holiday SIM card” or “Foreign Student SIM card.” Why? Because this SIM card offers unlimited data, phone calls (local) and SMS (local) for 30-90 days! If you plan on staying in Korea for a longer time,  we recommend this SIM card.  However, you can only purchase and recharge this SIM card at the office in Hongdae (near Hongik University station)  :cry

1) Where can I get this SIM card?

The simcard company is located near Samsung Plaza in Hongik University Station Exit 2. 
Prior reservation is needed for this SIM card. You will receive a direction after making a reservation. 

2) Price

The price of this all-in-one SIM card is ₩67,300, but you can receive 10% discount online.

3) Things to note 

(1) Data using after 2GB data in a day, the speed limits 3Mbps. 
(2) Extension of 30 days is 58,500KRW. Need to apply for an extension at least 3 days before the expiry date. 


4. WiFi Router (WiFi Egg)

If you are traveling together with many friends, using multiple devices or uploading large size of videos or photos every day, a WiFi router (portable Wifi) is perfect for you. 

Note that you need to return the WiFi router promptly.

1) Where can I get the WiFi Router?

▶ Incheon Int’l Airport: KT Booth at the arrival hall near Gate 10 (06:00-22:00) or Gate 6 (24/7)
▶ Seoul: The office near Hongik University Station Exit 2. 

2) Price

Offline Online price (click)
₩6,380 ₩3,300



 🙂 If you need more information regarding the SIM card and telecom companies, please refer to below official websites. 

▶ KT Telecomhttp://roaming.kt.com/renewal/eng/reserve/reserve.asp

▶ SK Telecomhttps://www.skroaming.com/reserve/reserve_phone.asp?gubun=M

▶ LG Telecomhttp://www.uplus.co.kr/ent/glob_2/inbo/RinRentalReservationE.hpi


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